Home Posters Mexican cuisine in a stunningly earthy, Latin-inspired.

Mexican cuisine in a stunningly earthy, Latin-inspired.

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You'll find authentic regional Mexican cuisine in a stunningly earthy, Latin-inspired setting at Hugo's.

Chef Hugo Ortega features refined Mexico City classics with a contemporary twist. Moist whole red snapper Veracruzana arrives blanketed in tangy tomatoes, olives and rings of sweet baked onions. Desserts are masterful, from the buttery almond-coconut tart to the flan de chocolate made with freshly ground cocoa beans.

The restaurant is housed in a 1925 structure designed and built by Houston architect Joseph Finger, who is also responsible for Houston’s Art Deco-style City Hall. The Latin-inspired building has been lovingly restored to feature its original beauty, and the interiors designed to include both chic contemporary touches and inviting traditional elements of old Mexico.

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