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Alaskan pet supply store with best brands to keep your pets healthy and happy

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Pet Foods and Pet Supplies

We are an exclusively Alaskan pet supply store with locations in Anchorage, Eagle River, Wasilla and Palmer. The health and wellness of your pets is our number 1 priority at PetZoo. It has been that way for over 25 years. These important "family members" require healthy, nutritious, safe and quality foods & supplies. The love, companionship and happiness our pets bring us deserve only the best care, feeding and attention in return. At PetZoo we are proud to serve you with an extensive selection of quality brands specially formulated and designed for your pet. Healthy, nutritious, quality foods and supplies which your fluffy, furry, finned or feathered companions will love, and which will give you continued happiness and peace of mind. We have everything you need for your pet, including national brands like Nutro, Eukanuba and Science Diet and specialty brands like Yummie Chummies, Stella and Chewies and Petrageous dishes and clothes.

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