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We believe in the magic of kindness. 

Acts of kindness that are genuinely given create a spark that can never be extinguished. Simple gestures of kindness that are sacredly shared and spent with others are stories that make us restore our faith in humanity.

Kindness doesn’t cost anything yet it is a priceless gift we can endow to ourselves and to others.  It need not be extravagantly spent with money or something grand to create an impact to other people’s lives. Small or great, kindness is kindness.

Our world is dominated with fear and suffering as publicized in our media. Sometimes, acts of kindness are questioned of hidden motives that we overlooked the power of kindness. People are overwhelmed with personal problems and struggles that we tend to forget that God-sent angels exist, angels that does not necessarily have wings and halos nor in white dresses; we can be that angels when we decide to be kind. is a venue to share creative inspirations of kindness. It is a livewire network of people gathered together to share their stories of inspiration in making a difference.

Kindness is an act of love, hope and faith in one.

Let us scatter kindness and share your story now.


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Art is Kindness
Art is Kindness

This is a challenge to display kindness through an act of creativity - leave a letter, poem, painting or sculpture somewhere around your community. An illustration, a song, the ideas…

Can I help you with anything
Can I help you with anything

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Give a Plant
Give a Plant

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