2940 Canal Street New Orleans, Louisiana United States
2940 Canal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, UNITED STATES

Swan River Yoga

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Brief Overview

Swan River came together just after Hurricane Katrina when Keith Porteous and Michelle Baker, co-owners of the studio, met in desire to merge the community in greater depth, healing and togetherness. Celebrating high quality levels, styles & ways to practice yoga with integrity, from the physical poses, meditation, mantra singing, yoga philosophy, compassion, community service, diet, massage & more!

There are 4 pillars of Swan River that we uphold: 

1. Community – A devotion to serve and gather the community in kindness and care for all beings

2. Integrity – Discipline to maintain high standards, clarity in all work and opportunities for personal evolution

3. Authenticity – Dedication to revealing the true teachings of yoga, both in tradition and our modern experience, as well as actually putting the teachings into practice with humility

4. Beauty – Celebration of the diverse, creative experience of each individual, yoga practice and lives, celebrating interconnected, life affirmed beauty

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