115 West Century Road, Suite 280 Paramus, NJ 07652 Los Angeles, California 07652 United States
115 West Century Road, Suite 280 Paramus, NJ 07652, Los Angeles, California-07652, UNITED STATES

Sparkroom SEO Services

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Brief Overview

in performance marketing, providing fully transparent, data-driven strategies that are designed to do one thing—achieve your marketing objectives.

Sparkroom knows what it takes to attract the right audience to your brand while managing acquisition costs.

Our superior combination of marketing services and industry-leading marketing software gives brands a competitive advantage, delivering higher-quality prospects that result in better conversion rates.

Proactive, Strategic Partners

Everything we do is designed to bring you success.

We work proactively as an extension of your marketing and sales teams, off-loading day-to-day marketing management tasks while providing strategic solutions and resources to achieve your performance marketing targets.

Continual two-way communication ensures we are always thinking about you and doing what is in the best interest of your campaign performance.

Data-Driven, Customized Solutions

We turn the complex into something simple—conversions. Through the collection of data and information, we gain exponential knowledge that is leveraged for rapid growth and results.

Every campaign we build and execute incorporates an analytic review of historical and global data and utilizes strategies designed to meet specific brand and performance goals.

Fully Transparent

We value openness and the knowledge it provides, and we know you do too. That’s why we provide every campaign detail—right down to media sources, actual media cost and performance.

In fact, it’s available to you in real time via your Sparkroom Marketing Software login.

Industry-Leading Performance Marketing Software

Sparkroom Marketing Software is cloud-based and helps marketers grow conversions while controlling the cost of acquisition. Sparkroom Marketing Software integrates marketing data, automates marketing processes and provides marketing analytics that drive smarter decisions and a more optimized budget. As the industry’s leading software, we can help you do more—with less.

Sparkroom Marketing Software is ideal for performance marketers focused on driving results through online channels, including CPM, CPC and CPI/CPL inquiry generation, paid search, display or email campaigns.

It also helps marketing teams develop the most strategic, compliant campaigns in order to achieve highly optimized conversion funnels.

Using Sparkroom Marketing Software, marketers can:

Identify the best performing sources to optimize media spend
Automate processes based on propensity to convert
Achieve the lowest cost per acquisition
Reduce overhead for the marketing team
Reduce brand and compliance risk

Automation – For Ultimate Efficiency

The Sparkroom Marketing Software process automation feature enables marketing teams to standardize and scale workflows, based on inquiry and predictive data to achieve operational efficiencies. Processes that can be automated include:

  • Lead capture, scrubbing and routing
  • Media planning, including pricing and allocations
  • Campaign management
  • Affiliate management
  • FPI maintenance

Sparkroom Marketing Software automation enables marketers to focus less on logistics and more on strategic decision making.

The unmatched versatility and customizability of Sparkroom Marketing Software enables teams to quickly take on new initiatives and easily make changes to discover what works best for their specific marketing goals.

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