Providence, Rhode Island United States
Providence, Rhode Island, UNITED STATES

Kasabian Construction Inc.

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Brief Overview

Peter Kasabian realized his passion for construction at a young age, and spent nearly a decade learning the trade and honing his skills. As a construction laborer for some of Rhode Island's leading construction companies, Peter was able to gain a plethora of experience in the many diverse areas of construction.

Humble Beginnings

Peter literally started from the ground up, "digging ditches, laying pipe, building walls and installing doors. You name it and I did it," he says. He worked on luxury as well as affordable housing projects, commercial buildings, industrial facilities and institutional properties such as schools and churches.

Kasabian Construction is Born

Each project provided him with new knowledge and invaluable experiences, helping him grow and refine his expertise. A quick learner and valued employee, Peter was soon helping manage various projects. Despite his growth, he still yearned for more - additional responsibility, greater challenges, and further opportunity to grow. In 2005 he launched Kasabian Construction, which has quickly established itself as a quality builder with a list of very satisfied customers - exactly Peter's vision/objective when he started the company.

A Strong Commitment to Our Customers

As Kasabian Construction continues to grow, we remain steadfast in our original values and beliefs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to superior service, quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing and utmost attention to our clients' needs. In conjunction with our construction services, we work with our customers throughout the entire design/build process. Maintaining excellent communication with the client throughout the entire process ensures that the final product will not only meet, but exceed their expecatations. Our meticulous work ethic and attention to detail is evident from start to finish.

A Culture of Learning and Growth

Peter is a firm believer that in order to be the best at what you do, one must never cease to learn. Through continued professional development, Kasabian Construction stays current on pertinent issues affecting the community and individuals with whom we work.

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