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Herve Goffings Professional Actor Singer In London

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I am French-African, born in Mali of Malian parents. I was adopted at birth by a white Belgian couple who met after the revolution in Cuba in the late sixties and who then travelled the world. After Mali, I lived in Chad, Belgium, Cannes, Paris, Manchester, Glasgow and now London. My adoptive parents currently live in Mexico. So, because of all the travelling I did with my family and all of the places I lived in and visited, my speciality pub quiz subject would be, without hesitation, geography!

After much thought… if I had a super power, it would probably be the power to travel in time. I would appear at crucial moments in people’s lives and advise them on the decisions they would need to make to ensure themselves a bright and happy future. Having said that, seeing the stress that Marty McFly goes through in Back to the Future… I would probably need another super power that would prevent me from dying from exhaustion!

Someone Asked Me...When Was The Last Time You Cried?
And My answer was: The last time I cried was two weeks ago. I never used to cry, but now I do. I now make sure that I cry every time I feel I need to. I came to realise that crying is not only a healthy thing to do (cathartic), but it also reminds me that I am human and therefore a man, not a superman.

  • Herve Goffings - The One Man Show

    My first fringe experience was at the Edinburgh festival in 2012 performing my one-man show Herve. It all started with…


HERVÉ: The One-Man Show
HERVÉ: The One-Man Show

A provocative and humorous One-Man Show based on a true life story. A busker of French African descent tells the extraordinary tale of his adoption by an unconventional white Belgian…

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