FreshDirect Facility 23-30 Borden Avenue Long Island City, NY 11101 New York City, New York 11101 United States
FreshDirect Facility 23-30 Borden Avenue Long Island City, NY 11101, New York City, New York-11101, UNITED STATES

FreshDirect Delivers the highest quality food from farm to table

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Brief Overview

FreshDirect believes that fresh ingredients and quality food lead to nutritious, delicious meals. We travel near and far to bring our customers the very best — right to their front doors. 

FreshDirect delivers the highest quality food from farm to table; that way, customers can continue to live their active lives, saving time for what really matters. We know that finding a variety of groceries can be a big challenge — it's inconvenient to shop at different stores for different items (deli meat from the butcher shop, fresh bread from the bakery, bulk-size packages from big box retailers, and local vegetables from weekend farmers' markets). Solving for this challenge was the idea behind FreshDirect.

We use our direct relationships with farmers and artisans to drive superior quality in sourcing, then use technology to make it easier to shop and deliver those fresh products to customers' doors. It's faster, it's fresher: It's grocery shopping perfected.

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    FreshDirect: Food Values The first step to making sure FreshDirect gets the best-looking, best-tasting fruit, veggies and artisanal…


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