Free People Direct 766 Brackbill Rd. Gap, PA 17527 USA Gap, Pennsylvania 17527 United States
Free People Direct 766 Brackbill Rd. Gap, PA 17527 USA, Gap, Pennsylvania-17527, UNITED STATES

Free People Much more than a clothing brand

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Free People is much more than a clothing brand. A unique and unwavering bond with our customers sits at the heart of our lifestyle community. We delve into the lifestyle of our girl, encouraging self-confidence and self-expression; the ability to identify what she loves is our secret to offering her the best product assortment and experience possible. We hope that you, too, will join us in our pursuit of acceptance and love.

From hand-stitched seams to romantic lace inserts, she will find love and care in the vintage-inspired details. The brand is consistently developing exclusive washes and distressing techniques to give each style its coveted modern edge.

Stepping into a Free People boutique is unlike any other shopping experience. Our store design is inspired by nature’s raw beauty, with an emphasis on the handmade and the concept of peeling back layers to expose unexpected textures and materials. Free People boutiques are a place where we can connect with our customers and share the stories behind our designs and latest collections. Find a store near you.

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    Back in the 1970's, a young man named Dick Hayne planted a seed in the maze of streets and trees…


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