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Benvenuto Limousine

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My honorable grandfather, Giovanni Benvenuto, founded our company after he was converted into a chauffeur thanks to the advice of a fortuitous priest.

Like most Italian men in the 1940s, Giovanni was a fisherman charged with providing for his family. He would spend evenings at sea and return home to cook his catch for the women and children. But Giovanni was unique in that he didn't only fish to feed his loved ones.

He also drove a van around the Amalfi Coast to sell his catch. To further improve his family's quality of life, Giovanni then started driving the village priest. In 1948 he could be seen behind the wheel of an Aston 1100 taking the priest wherever he wanted to go thereby becoming the first chauffeur of the coast. At the same time, foreigners began recognizing the sheer beauty of the area causing a major boost in tourism. Travelers descended on the Amalfi Coast, named for the royal family that once ruled the South of Italy, eager to explore and some of them stayed which increased the population.

Because of the boon in visitors, the priest suggested that my grandfather give up his job as a fisherman and become a driver for tourists.

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    Benvenuto Limousine is a fully established and continuously expanding family owned and operated Chauffeur Company that has been in operation…


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